We really do love teeth. Especially straight teeth.

Providing braces for Chicago adults and children. Brace yourself for a smile you’ll love.

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custom braces for you. After all, you don’t share a mouth with anyone else. why would you have the same  plan as anyone?

Our expert doctors create a specific orthodontic plan that is just for you. We treat each patient uniquely, creating a custom care plan that makes braces for you or your child a positive, enjoyable experience.

There’s no one-size-fits-most when it comes to braces. You will receive the custom orthodontic care you deserve.

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“Thank You!”

“A great option for family, braces, invisalign, etc.”

Erik S. | Patient

better smile, better selfies, more confidence

We know what happens when you don’t love your smile

You don’t smile for pictures. You shy away. And it can lead to serious health issues. Straightening your teeth can help prevent:

  • Bite pain
  • Speech issues
  • Future periodontal disease and cavities

When you don’t like your smile, you miss career opportunities, first dates, great selfies, and more. It’s time to feel confident.

Braces for Children

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children be evaluated for possible orthodontic problems by age seven. This early evaluation enables orthodontists to anticipate crowding and other potential orthodontic issues before they become a problem, and may shorten future orthodontic treatments.

Braces for Adults

Whether for aesthetic or health reasons, many adults at every phase of life seek orthodontic treatment each year. While investing in your smile can dramatically boost your self-esteem, the benefits extend far beyond appearance. Uneven teeth not only disrupt the natural alignment of your jaw, but may also contribute to gum disease, tooth wear and decay, headaches and TMJ pain.

what will having braces be like?

We know that “braces” can seem like a scary word. It doesn’t have to be. At Chicago Orthodontics, you can rest knowing that you’ll receive:

  • Quick regular checkups scheduled around you
  • Clear guidance taking care of your braces
  • A pain-free way to fix your oral health

Brace will cahnge your life (for the better!). But they certainly don’t need to interfere with it.

Ready to love your smile?

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