We all want a smile we can love, but fears can sometimes stand in the way of us getting there. One of those fears is one we often don’t want to own up to: Will all of this orthodontic work hurt?

We have good news: No!

Those born in the ‘80s or before probably remember their own experience with braces: Wires sticking into gums, the ache of teeth moving slowly and the soreness resulting from wearing a retainer all the time.

But, just like the flip phone, painful braces can stay in the last millennium.

What makes today’s braces different?

For starters, modern orthodontics use tech that Apple would salivate over. What do your braces and the space shuttle have in common? Both contain parts designed by NASA. The wires used in braces today are super flexible and don’t put pressure on teeth the way wires used to. The wires are also activated by body heat, so they are able to adjust on their own, which means fewer trips to the orthodontist’s office for you.

But there are still wires in my mouth…

Yes, but there doesn’t have to be be!. The doctors at Wicker Park Orthodontics can use invisible plastic aligners to straighten teeth for both kids or adults. A specialist in tooth movement can comfortably align your teeth and create a beautiful smile without a wire in sight.

Maybe braces hurt as a kid, and your retainer is nowhere to be found these days. Don’t fret. Luckily we can straighten those teeth with comfortable braces or wire free clear aligners.

Don’t let fear of pain stop you from getting a smile you love!