So your teeth are now straight. You are smiling ear to ear in every family photograph and selfie.  People you know stop to tell you how beautiful your new smile looks. Even your bite feels perfect and your teeth have never looked better. Your orthodontist gave you retainers and as long as you wear them at night for a few months, you should have this perfect smile forever, Right?

The truth?  Not exactly.

Think back ten years ago. Do you look the same as you did then? Most likely you don’t.  For better or worse, our faces change over time.  Our lips, our teeth, our jaw bones, even our gums change as we age.  With all this change, we can’t expect that perfect smile to last without some help.

But wait, there’s hope!

As necessary as braces are to straighten teeth, retainers are just as important to keep our teeth straight. The straight truth is your teeth will stay straight as long as you wear your retainers.

Don’t fret, if you don’t want to wear a retainer at night with a wire across the front, there are other options.  Your orthodontist can make clear retainers that are comfortable and practically invisible.  Don’t want to take any retainers in and out of your mouth? Also, not a problem.  Your orthodontist can cement a small thin wire on the inside of your teeth to keep them from moving.  It’s the equivalent of set it and forget it!

Ask anyone who had braces as a kid and didn’t wear their retainers.  Their teeth are not as straight as they use to be.  They can always be straightened again, but wouldn’t it be easier to prevent that from ever happening?  We want you to love your smile…and your retainers! That’s the straight truth.